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welcome to my website!

shark gif "my love goes deep, deep, deep; deep within your ocean."
— atlantis, shinee
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about me

hello! i'm jesse, or nico; either name works. i go by he/they pronouns. currently, i'm 16 years old and going to be a senior in high school. i made this site because...it seemed fun, haha. unfortunately, i was born too young to experience the old web, but i hope that i'll be able to experience this...new old web?
my ultimate goal for when i grow up is to become an animator. i've already been working a little bit on animation - squash and stretch, proportion consistency, stuff like that, but i am still working on putting things in perspective (as in, on a "3D" plane of existence) that could come towards you or away from you.
i'm also really interested in sharks and the ocean. i first got interested in the ocean via finding nemo...the coral reef in there was so pretty to me, that i wanted to go, and it makes me really sad that reefs aren't as vibrant anymore. if i could go into marine biology, i would, but i really suck at it @_@ so unless my hands stop working, i'm gonna pursue the art path. i also live in a landlocked state, so...im not that close to any saltwater.
my other interests include kpop and anime. in fact, anime is why i wanted to even go into animation in the first place, because i was watching madara beat up the shinobi allied forces in naruto. i thought it was really cool and i want to be able to do something like that one day, or better. in terms of kpop, my ults are nct, monsta x, wonho, ateez, and seventeen, and my ult bias is yuta nakamoto - he's just so charismatic!!
anyways, thanks for reading, if you bothered to get this far. i wrote quite a bit, haha...

diary entries

wednesday, june 22, 2022
ive been drawing the past two days lol. i have a drawing class to help me build my portfolio (the thing with me is that i have the technical skills i just need to actually put them in a portfolio) at a nearby art college. ive also just been drawing my own stuff too; some of my rp friends and i are starting a dnd group. its going to be like an au of our naruto ocs but in a dnd setting ^_^ my guy is named kanjiro sazanka (in the narutoverse hes kanjiro hoshigaki) and he is a tiefling fighter with the pirate background!! im so excited. we're waiting for my friend to get back to the phillipines in late july to start, so i have PLENTY of time to think about what he should wear. i'm already done with his character sheet, and i chose the bloodline of mammon so he could have mage hand. im super excited for it, he's all i've been drawing nowadays outside of class.
on another note, my jibbitz came in!! it was super exciting and im still having some trouble formatting them so that my sasuke doesn't look nearly as isolated lol.
i've also been getting super into the jurassic park movies. i think they're sooo fun and i really think dinosaurs are super cool, right now i'm watching the lost world as i'm writing this entry. i don't remember ian malcolm being so physically attractive but he's kinda hot. not in terms of personality though, lol. i don't think i could STAND being around him at all unless it was a survival situation, and even then i don't think he would be all that useful... also, the jurassic park movies have SUCH obvious foreshadowing and plot holes haha. i mostly just like the dinos(aur lies) ^_^
monday, june 20, 2022
uhhmmmm so i accidentally slept until 5pm...haha...i didn't intend on doing that, i fell back asleep at like 9am and my thought process was liek "i'll wake back up at 11" well it's not 11 its almost 5:30 as of writing this. my mom texted me multiple times and called me twice, oops... when i found out it was so late in the day i was thinking that it was only like 1 or something but then i checked my phone's time and it was already 5!!! i almost never sleep until 5, usually my body or a parent or someone in the house wakes me up earlier... needless 2 say, kind of awkward, especially considering that i slept for likr 14 hours when usually i only need like 8 to 12, not a whole 14. my brain feels kind of foggy bc of it, and i'm thinking of just pulling an all-nighter to get my sleep schedule back together, but i have been kind of bad at pulling one nowadays since i'm not in middle school anymore and need way more sleep.
my mom also texted me that my dog has a tick disease or an internal parasite, and a low red blood cell count. i'm kind of worried about him, but, i think he'll be fine as long as we get him on the right antibiotics and stuff. i kind of knew he'd have at least one thing wrong with him since he was a hurricane dog from like missouri or something and the woman we originally got him from didn't take that good of care of him. at least it's not kidney disease (thats what my mom was really worried about).
on a lighter note though, my jibbitz are coming in tomorrow!!! im so excited to put them on my crocs ^_^ i got two shark jibbitz, a sparkling heart, a stingray, a pawprint, a strawberry, and letters that spell JESSE. unfortunatly my blue butterfly got cancelled :( also, i'm looking for a naruto to go with the sasuke i already have on there, and a gengar, since that's my favorite pokemon. if anyone knows of any, plz link me!!
sunday, june 19, 2022 - father's day, juneteenth
soooo this page had to go on hold since, firstly, i had work, and secondly, i've been distracted with art + a roleplay that i joined. also, this is my first time doing any sort of "diary entry" on the internet. i'm a little nervous, but also it's like...it doesn't really matter to me if trolls find this, since it's just more views for my page anyways ^_^
anyways, i had to work a long shift today, at one of my job's most popular locations... and it was the hottest day of summer so far too, since opening. i'm honestly surprised we didn't get more people. a kid came in with a big trans pride flag, and i wanted to tell them happy pride, but it might have been weird to have someone who doesn't "look trans" (by this, i mean that i'm still really feminine presenting, my hair is still long and i don't have a binder yet...) so i wasn't sure if they would have gotten the memo that i'm part of the community or just some weird ally.
a few times, even though i was drinking a ton of water while i was on and off deck, i got a headache and a little lightheaded. i'm glad nothing happened. fortunately though, the head guard let us all chill in the water over a safety break. it was really weird to have a bunch of people watching us while we swam around in the pool and went down the slide, but, some people were there all day and we have to sit in the hot sun. i also doordashed some japanese pan noodles from noodles and company. they're probably not very "authentic", but they're banging, so i don't really care lol. i also had some chocolate ice cream and my mom got grocery store sushi for me.
i feel kind of bad that i wasn't there with my dad on father's day...i could really only send him a text since i was at work (and since my parents are divorced, i'm at my mom's house this week). i will probably rant about him sometimes, since he's such a tense guy...he's been to therapy but his therapists say he's pretty normal. even his wife says so, but i think his primary problem is that he's real anxious about like, basically everything. he doesn't rest usually. either way, i'm grateful for him and happy he's here, despite his tense moments.
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shark fact!

did you know that the largest shark found to date is a female shark by the name of Deep Blue? she's about 18 - 20 feet long, and when she was found, she was likely pregnant. it's suspected that she's about 50 years old, and was first found in Mexico. she is said to frequent Guadalupe Island and Hawaii. i wish to meet her one day!